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ESB Deployment With Red Hat JBoss Fuse Training

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ESB Deployment With Red Hat JBoss  Fuse Training

Ref: HB87664
Course Title: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Deployment with Red Hat® JBoss Fuse
Course duration: 26 hours
Software required:
The trainer would be providing the below required software for the students to practice the course assignments
 JBOSS Fuse 6.2
 JDK 1.7
 Apache Maven 3.1
 Active MQ 5.9

About the course
The information powering your business is spread across disparate applications and systems. You need an effective, cost-efficient way to integrate applications, data, and devices within your enterprise. Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is a lightweight, flexible enterprise service bus (ESB) that enables rapid integration across the extended enterprise—on premise or in the cloud.
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Deployment with Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is a hands-on course that gives Java™ developers, administrators and architects an understanding of Red Hat JBoss Fuse clustering, auto scaling, broker networks, install applications, applying patches, rollback patches etc.Increase productivity. Deploy in any environment. Add agility. And scale quickly, without massive costs.
Who Should Attend?
Red Hat JBoss Fuse administrators and developers who need to learn how to install, configure, manage and deploy OSGi-compliant applications.
Prerequisites for this course
 Knowledge of any Java EE application server
 Basic knowledge of tools such as Maven or Ant
 Basic knowledge of enterprise integration and messaging concepts

What you will learn?
Attendees will learn the skills required to manage, deploy, and customize Red Hat JBoss Fuse and develop the core concepts of OSGi-based application using Red Hat JBoss Fuse's features, including:
 Bundle management
 Server management
 Deployment via Fuse Fabric, and using FMC

Course outline
 Understanding of enterprise integration
 Overview of ESB and SOA, Micro services
 Why need JBOSS Fuse?
 JBOSS Fuse Architecture overview
 Understanding OSGI fundamentals, service mix and Karaf
 Install, configure and run JBOSS Fuse in standalone mode
 Run fuse in server mode and access via client console
 Overview of Fuse command line interface (CLI) and familiarize yourself with many sub systems of JBOSS Fuse
 OSGI Bundle lifecycle management
 OSGI Container management
 Provision HTTP and MQ based services and access them
 Practice install of demo samples and familiarize with life cycle
 Bundle provisioning and dependency management
 Understanding and configuring of Maven repositories in JBOSS Fuse
 Karaf overview
 Understanding of Karaf features and feature repositories
 Overview of In-built features in Fuse
 Create and install custom features
 Understanding of traditional J2EE clusters
 OSGI in production
 What’s the need of Fabric8? What’s profile?
 Fuse Fabric8 Architecture overview (fabric servers and containers, agents, ensemble and fabric)
 Securing fabric via JAAS Realms
 Securing fuse cluster with user login and public key
 Role based access to fuse runtime
 What’s Zoo keeper? What’s Quorum?
 Fabric deployment units: understanding profiles and versioning
 Create a fabric in Fuse and familiarize with various commands
 Understanding of fabric containers
 Set up and configure a 3/5 node fabric
 Stop and start the fabric
 Administering fabric via CLI
 Hawtio console overview
 Access zookeeper registries via CLI and Hawtio
 Administering fabric via Hawtio
 Hawtio console overview
 Customizing and securing Fabric via JAAS Realms
 Deployment of OSGI based enterprise applications in fabric
 Customizing application configurations via CLI and hawtio console
 Load balancing, Fail over and auto scaling in Fuse Fabric
 Fuse Active MQ overview
 MQ cluster types and message persistence via Kaha DB
 Set up and run MQ based fabric clusters
 Access MQ clusters via fabric discovery
 Practice setting up active/active, master/slave and broker networks in fuse fabric
 Understanding fabric gateways: HTTP and MQ
 Understanding URI mapping and templates
 Set up and run fabric gateways: HTTP and MQ
 Access services via HTTP and MQ gateway
 Handling of application patches/releases in fabric
 How to apply profile versioning in fabric
 Application changes upgrade/rollback
 Practice deployment of patches via upgrade and rollback
 Discussion: Production deployment scenarios
 Sample production deployment architectures

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